Patients with Special Needs

The Center For Specialized Dentistry provides comprehensive dental services for patients with disabilities.


There are many patients who are not able to cooperate.  For many of the patients oral sedation, nitrous oxide-oxygen inhalation or I.V. sedation is not adequate.  These patients require the administration of a general anesthesia.


Our facilities are furnished with state of the art equipment including closed circuit anesthesia machines, EKG, SO2 and end tidal CO2 monitors.


Each patient's anesthetic needs is determined at an initial appointment. 


Anesthetic Options


            -local anesthesia

            -conscious and deep sedation

            - inhalation anesthesia

                            nitrous oxide-oxygen


            -intramuscular Ketamine

            -general anesthesia

                      endotracheal intubation (as indicated)

                      laryngeal mask airway (as indicated)



Complete oral examinations






Fluoride treatment


Periodontal procedures

            - root scaling and planing

            - gum surgery


Restorative procedures

           - fillings

           - crowns


Root Canal procedures



            - surgical extractions

            - wisdom teeth


Facial and oral lesions

            - skin growths


Patient Protocol

            - Initial evaluation (this appointment may be eliminated for patient traveling great                                distances)

            - takes about 15 - 30 minutes

            - medically evaluate the patient’s anesthetic needs

            - establish a dental treatment plan

            - the treatment plan is submitted to the insurance company for approval


Every effort is made to minimize the number of visits.  Dissolving stitches are used when feasible.


Our staff is comprised of specialists and qualified general dentists.

Our assistants provide caring support.

Our secretaries provide courteous service in helping all involved manage paperwork and scheduling.

Our facilities are state of the art.

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